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Word of Honor Turkish novel: complete chapters

Word of Honor Turkish novel in English, will show and describe the difficult life story of a young man named Yaman Elebi. A purely drama and action Turkish series that will leave everyone breathless. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can’t stop doing it! Next, we will tell you in detail what it is about.

Synopsis of the novel

He has several large pieces of land at his disposal which bring him a very good and constant income. Yaman inherited these lands from his late father and grandfather and they mean a lot to him.

The protagonist could not even imagine that the promise he made years ago would forever change his entire life so drastically. It is time for the young man to keep his word. For this, Yaman had to put aside all his belongings and go to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

What happens from there, turns the novel upside down. It is at the Turkish consulate in Beirut, where a lovely young woman named Isra with a newborn baby in her arms awaits her savior, Yaman.

Word of Honor Turkish novel: complete chapters
Word of Honor Turkish novel: complete chapters

The main character of the Turkish TV series Palabra de Honor, with Spanish subtitles, brings home a girl and a boy.

For this reason, the whole family is shocked, and no one can understand what this person is doing here. Time passes and strong feelings begin to emerge between the young people who felt very connected to each other from the very beginning.

It seemed that there could be no love between them. Isra did not equal Yaman neither in status nor in children. Finally, it will be this simple, plain and noble-hearted girl named Isra who will have to face many envious and negative opponents.

Everyone is willing to do anything, even the dirtiest of methods, just to get rid of her. But, ultimately, what is this secret promise? why does Yaman have to take care of a woman with children right now?

Apparently, all this is tied to a big family secret. But the oath Yaman swore must be kept top secret, come what may.

Where to see Word of Honor Turkish novel full chapters

None of the heroes of the Turkish TV series Word of Honor are strangers to the trials of love that await them. Yaman has always had a lot of female fans, and the girls are ready to compete for his heart. This enviable boyfriend is, at first glance, the ideal match for all women.

All this highly addictive soap opera can be followed on YouTube. There we will find the complete 26 chapters of this novel that is something to talk about. Remember that you can enjoy these chapters by searching for the series with its original name «Seref Sozu» or also known in some countries as «Love promise»

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