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Final viking wolf movie explained Who is the murderer?

Everything you need to know about the final Viking Wolf Movie explained and summarized, we will tell you in this article in case you did not understand.

Lately we can see a lot of movies and series based on the Nordic culture coming out.  Netflix bet on many of them, such as Troll, The Corpse and Narvik, which were successful and decided to do more.

That’s when we have the Viking Wolf movie, an interesting story that captivates you in the first 10 minutes.

Viking Wolf Movie Ending Explained

Before explaining the ending, let me do a little summary so that it is very clear to you how things went.

In the story, we can see that we have a protagonist named Thale. It all starts when they just moved to a small town.

This is all thanks to the new police job the mother gets. Soon after, Thale attends a party, not knowing what he’s going to find.

After the party, she walks away and witnesses a couple on a bridge. He gets distracted for a moment and that’s when a heartbreaking scream is heard. Quickly observe what is happening.

We can see that the girl is badly injured on the ground. She tries to help her, but something drags her into the forest, while our protagonist bites her and faints due to the blow.

After a while we can see how the police and doctors help Thale. But for the girl from before, it was already too late.

Then we see how they are interrogated and looking for information about that, that attacked them.

Thale tries to forget about the situation, but that’s when he starts having very strange visions.

Let’s see the mother’s point of view

The mother, on the other hand, tries to find out what is happening and investigating ends up running into the murderer.

It is a giant wolf with extreme strength. This animal confronts Thale’s mother, and she shoots it multiple times. The wolf doesn’t flinch and she runs out of bullets, until she reloads and just then the animal falls. Investigating the body, we can see that the bullet he reloaded at that time was silver.

The other bullets did nothing to him, but this one caused a terrible hemorrhage, killing the wolf. Thinking things were over, they receive another report of a similar attack.

It turns out that Thale looks like she was infected from the last bite. It is then that we see how he transforms into a wolf and begins to attack people

After an intense battle with the coroner and the mother against the transformed Thale, they are able to knock her unconscious. Then we see the wolf on a stretcher, while the mother makes the decision to give him the coup de grace with the silver bullet.

Before shooting, the screen just goes black and shows a close-up of the mother leaving the bullet she was going to use on a table. And so it ends, giving us an open ending for a second part.

Who is the killer in the movie Viking Wolf

Many think that the murderer was a person transformed into a wolf and that in the second installment they would give us some information about who it was.

This is a mistake, since they confirm to us at the beginning of everything that it is a hellhound. This mythological being was found by Vikings in the year 1050 when they sacked Normandy.

In an abbey they find a secret room, believing that it would be filled with gold or silver. But in the end, they discover the cub of this animal and have the brilliant idea of ​​taking it home. And the rest you know how it ends.

I hope you have understood everything about the Final Viking Wolf Movie explained in great detail!

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