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Where to watch Yasak Elma in English

Looking for a reliable platform? Discover Where to Watch Yasak Elma in English and enjoy the captivating Turkish drama series with subtitles.

Yasak Elma, also known as «Forbidden Fruit» in Latin America, has gained immense popularity for its gripping storyline and exceptional performances.

Where to watch Yasak Elma in English
Where to watch Yasak Elma in English

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In this article, we will explore the best platform to enjoy Yasak Elma in English and why it stands out among other options.

Where to Watch Yasak Elma in English

When it comes to watching Yasak Elma in English, the primary platform to turn to is DailyMotion.

This video-sharing website offers a dedicated space for users to upload and stream various content, including TV shows and series from around the world.

However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and prioritize reliable sources, as unauthorized streaming sites may compromise your online safety and the viewing experience.

Opting for legitimate platforms like DailyMotion ensures better quality and security.

To see Yasak Elma on DailyMotion, click here


Yasak Elma revolves around the lives of two sisters with contrasting outlooks. Zeynep aspires to work independently to achieve her goals, while Yildiz desires a life of effortless luxury. In her pursuit of opulence, Yildiz becomes entangled with one of Turkey’s wealthiest families. However, things take an unexpected turn, and she finds herself trapped in a perilous labyrinth that puts her loved ones at risk.

The series beautifully portrays the struggles, conflicts, and intricate relationships within the characters’ lives. Episode after episode, Yasak Elma succeeds in captivating viewers with its emotional depth and suspenseful plot twists. The remarkable performances by Şevval Sam, Eda Ece, Berk Oktay, Biran Damla Yılmaz, and Murat Aygen contribute to the series’ immense success.

With five seasons already released and a potential sixth season on the horizon, Yasak Elma continues to captivate audiences worldwide. If you’re intrigued by this Turkish masterpiece and eager to immerse yourself in its compelling narrative, DailyMotion is your go-to platform for watching Yasak Elma in English.

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