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Kan Cicekleri Turkish series in English full episodes

Kan Cicekleri Turkish series in English full episodes is a production starring Baris Baktas (Baran) and Yagmur Yuksel (Dilan). In Kan Cicekleri, the love between two enemies is narrated through action and drama.

When they are brought together by a forced marriage, they must put aside their differences and seek reconciliation. Kan Cicekleri was released on 5 December 2022. So far, it has been very eye-catching, as it has been called the new Hercai in the Turkish review pages. However, with each installment, audiences have been noticing its originality and the quality of its production.

Kan Cicekleri serie turca en español capitulos completos
Kan Cicekleri Turkish series in English full episodes
The full episodes of Kan Cicekleri are available on Kanal 7 and on the series’ official Turkish YouTube channel.
On both platforms, you can enjoy the series along with a weekly recap so you don’t miss the story. However, the recent episodes of Kan Ciceklery do not yet have English subtitles. This is due to its recent release and the fact that it is only available on the Turkish channel Kanal 7.

Where can I watch kan cicekleri turkish series in English full episodes?

Kan Cicekleri Turkish series in English full episodes has not started streaming on official platforms yet. However, you will be able to enjoy summaries and reviews through YouTube. This way you will keep abreast of the platforms that are transmitting it and its outcome.


Kan Cicekleri narrates how a couple united by a forced marriage seeks to end the generational feud between two rival families. Baran and Dilan, the protagonists, give up their lives to get married. In this way they want to prevent further bloodshed due to the enmity of their families.
As they belong to rival families, it is a marriage between two enemies who must come together to bring peace. However, a powerful passion will also ignite between them that could put the fate of everyone around them at risk.
Very soon, Kan Cicekleri will be available on different platforms such as YouTube or Dailymotion. In some time it will surely also be part of the programming of other channels so that you can enjoy it on TV. In the meantime, we are waiting to provide you with more information about its plot, outcome, and transmission platforms.


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