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Why do Muslims run their hands over their faces

It is interesting to note, according to the Muslim belief, that communication with their God and Creator is of vital importance, that he is available 24 hours a day so that they can invoke him at any time and place.

In fact, prayer is part of their daily life along with works of charity and other pious acts.

We must also say that many times they are highly criticized for the demanding and extreme instructions that they must follow when participating in their customs and rituals related to praying to God, there are a number of rules and conditions that must be adhered to in order to comply with them daily.

Why do Muslims run their hands over their faces
Why do Muslims run their hands over their faces

This act of turning to God, for most of us we identify as the prayer that is addressed to the creator. However, for them to invoke God is called making Dua or supplications.

But it goes beyond expressing themselves before the Divine being, the prayer for them is accompanied by a group of ritual movements and words at specific times of the day and night.

In view of all this, there is an action that we have observed and it is very common in them, it is when they pass their hands over their faces… What is the reason for doing this? or what does it mean.

This movement of touching the face or covering oneself has to do mainly with an acknowledgment before God of his sinful condition and that therefore he needs his mercy and forgiveness.

It is also an awareness that you must move away from all thoughts and sinful acts, so as not to become an obstacle between the person and their creator.

In fact, there is a group of previous norms that follow this action and then other related ones of an extensive ritual. It is more than evident that the objective and the wisdom displayed in these rules has the purpose of achieving the purification of the Muslim before God for his impurities and sins.

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