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The Diplomat Netflix review

We tell you the first impressions of this new series that promises to be one of the best this year, The Diplomat Netflix review

It appears that streaming services, especially the more prominent ones like Netflix, are now creating content that appeals to a wider audience.

The Diplomat Netflix review
The Diplomat Netflix review

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We had predicted this shift since the executives of these services admitted they could not bear to keep investing heavily in niche «prestige» productions with few viewers.

A new Netflix series starring Keri Russell exemplifies this new period of programming in terms of scripted shows.

The Diplomat serie 2023

At the start of the scene, we are shown a British aircraft carrier in the middle of an ocean and hear air traffic chatter. Suddenly there is an explosion.

Kate Wyler (Keri Russell), a veteran diplomat who has worked in many dangerous places, is preparing to leave for Kabul to become America’s ambassador there.

Her husband Hal (Rufus Sewell), also a former ambassador himself, wants to join her on her mission but she would rather he wait a week before deciding what his next move will be.

However, then Hal receives news about the British carrier blast and Kate gets called by the White House.

The Diplomat Netflix review

When she arrives at the Oval Office, President Rayburn (Michael McKean) and Chief of Staff Billie Appiah (Nana Mensah) reveal that they want her to take over as ambassador in Britain due to increasing tension between Iran and Britain which could lead to further conflict.

Kate is initially reluctant to accept the president’s request to serve in a position that requires her to attend formal events she considers beneath her.

Appiah calls Stuart Hayford, the Deputy Chief of station at the embassy in London, and tells him that Kate is being sent there because she could potentially be a viable candidate for the upcoming vice presidential election; it’s something few people are aware of and Stuart is tasked with refining Kate’s skills so she can make a good impression.

Kate and Hal were welcomed grandly to the ambassador’s residence in London, causing Kate to express her annoyance inwardly.

She had come with a specific purpose: to learn more about the bombing and ensure that Iran and the US did not become more hostile towards each other.

Her boss, Secretary of State Miguel Ganon (Miguel Sandoval), had been largely unresponsive when communicating with his British counterpart, foreign secretary Austin Dennison (David Gyasi). During a phone call between Rayburn and Prime Minister Nicol Trowbridge (Rory Kinnear), Rayburn was advocating for hardline measures against Iran.

To try to deescalate the situation, Dennison took Kate away from Gagnon’s sight when she went to 10 Downing Street in order to hand over her documents regarding her job position; here she met privately with Nicol instead of Gagnon.

The Diplomat Netflix review

Hal, who has asked to not be referred to as «Ambassador» out of respect for Kate, has utilized his relationships and charisma to help her secure an audience with Nicol.

However, Kate is against this type of aid or Hal being pictured at a memorial as the ambassador.

This is when she reveals to Stuart that their marriage is in trouble and Hal will not be staying. In spite of this, Hal believes differently and he knows what Appiah intends for Kate.

The Diplomat, created by Debora Cahn of The West Wing and Grey’s Anatomy fame, has a familiar broadcast feel but with more cursing.

It dives into the details of Kate’s position as a political appointee and how she is adjusting to her high-profile job.

The Diplomat Netflix review

The storylines start with big geopolitical issues, such as a potential attack by Iran on a British carrier.Kate is all business and has little time for ceremonial formality; viewers can expect Kate to have difficulty with dressing up or making speeches, as well as the classic «walk-and-talks» that Cahn took from Aaron Sorkin.

The Diplomat appears to focus heavily on the relationships between characters – something that is reflective of Cahn’s experience with Grey’s Anatomy.

We know that Kate is looking to end her marriage with Hal, but there will be other connections forming as well.

This formula has been successful in the past, yet it doesn’t appear to be an immediately popular series.

Russell does her best to give Kate some strength and importance while the rest of the cast also give strong performances.

The Diplomat Netflix review

The show includes a light-hearted element which helps break up some of its heavier moments; however, nothing about it stands out as particularly captivating or noteworthy.

Sex and Skin: No explicit content in the first episode.

Parting Shot: Hal is driven away in a car with someone he believes to be a stylist, who then injects him with a sedative.

Sleeper Star: Ali Ahn portrays Eidra Park, the head of the CIA station in the UK; her presence was small in the first episode but she may have larger involvement later on.

Most Pilot-y Line: Stuart is doubtful that Kate wants to stay in London, but she responds by saying «Even I can get excited about preventing another conflict from occurring in the Middle East.»

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