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Sister Death explained: Breaking down the film’s biggest questions

One of the movies that has recently been released is Sister Death. And as with any movie and/or series, many questions remain to be answered. Today, we bring you an article about Sister Death explained: Resolving the biggest questions of the film.

Sister Death is the latest Netflix horror movie to hit the streaming platform. The film comes from the mind of director Paco Plaza, who also directed the 2017 Spanish horror movie Verónica.

Scene about the movie sister death explained: Resolving the biggest questions of the film
Scene about the movie sister death explained: Resolving the biggest questions of the film

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If you remember, that movie introduced a blind nun character who the students often referred to as ‘Sister Death.’ The nun’s real name is Narcisa, and she is the protagonist of the appropriately titled movie Sister Death, which serves as a prequel to Verónica.

Plaza’s latest cinematic production follows the story of Sister Narcisa as she takes on the role of another nun retiring from an exclusive women’s school in post-war Spain. She soon discovers that the institution holds a dark secret.

How does Sister Narcisa lose her sight? Sister Death Explained

Given the recurrence of scissors in Sister Death, one might assume that Narcisa would stab her eyes to become blind, but she actually opts for a simpler action: staring directly at the eclipse, burning her eyes until she loses her sight. Although it remains shocking to witness, it is not as macabre as if she had used scissors on her face.

The Final Part

The film concludes with Narcisa symbolically opening a door that allows the spirit of Sister Socorro to exact full revenge on Sister Julia and the Mother Superior for their mistreatment. Once blind, Narcisa glimpses the truth of what happened in the convent years ago after the Spanish Civil War:

Several men looted the building. They mistreated the women. Also they set facilities on fire. They caused chaos in general.

A man raped Sister Socorro, leaving her pregnant. The other nuns tried to keep everything a secret and kept the pregnant nun confined. Eventually, Socorro’s daughter fell ill, and the other nuns separated her from her mother to try to lower her fever with a bath.

She refused to cooperate, and they accidentally killed her in the bathtub. In her distress, Sister Socorro hanged herself. Since then, her spirit has haunted the school. With the help of Narcisa, the spirit manages to end the Mother Superior and Julia, finally finding peace alongside her daughter.

The Connection between Sister Death and Verónica

The final scene of Sister Death takes us forward in time to the 1990s when Verónica started attending school. They introduce the now-adult Sister Narcisa in the classroom, thus establishing a connection between both movies.


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