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Fake Profile Netflix cast

Fake Profile Netflix Cast: get to know the actors of the new Colombian series and enjoy this exciting story!

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in an exciting Netflix series, you can’t miss «Fake Profile«.

Fake Profile Netflix cast
Fake Profile Netflix cast

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This Colombian production, premiering on May 31st, will take you on an intriguing journey filled with lies, appearances, and power.

To satisfy your curiosity about the cast of this series, we’ll provide you with all the details.

Undoubtedly, «Fake Profile» will hook you from the start, and to ensure you don’t miss out on any details of this new Netflix production, we’ll give you insights into the cast and who’s who in this Colombian series arriving on May 31st.


The plot follows Camila, who decides to try her luck on a dating app in search of her dream man.

Her encounter with Fernando seems like a dream come true, but she soon discovers that her prince charming is not available and has hidden his true identity.

Determined to uncover the real identity of «Fernando» and make him face the consequences of his lies, Camila delves into a complex world of appearances and forbidden desires.

Fake Profile Netflix Cast

In the leading roles, we have Carolina Miranda portraying Camila Román and Rodolfo Salas bringing Miguel to life. The explosive chemistry between these two actors promises to captivate the audience throughout the series.

The series also features the participation of Víctor Mallarino, known for his role in «Malcriados,» as Pedro; Lincoln Palomeque, recognized for his work in «La Reina del Sur,» as Juan David; Juliana Galvis, who has stood out in «Hasta que la Plata nos Separe,» portraying Tina; Mauricio Hénao, famous for his role in «Señora Acero,» as Adrián; Manuela González, who brings Ángela to life; Jacques Toukhmanian, in the role of Luigi Toledo; and Jair Romero, portraying Cristobal.

Who is Carolina Miranda

Carolina Miranda Olvera, born on June 24, 1990, in Irapuato, Guanajuato, is a prominent Mexican actress and host. Her talent and versatility have earned her recognition from both the audience and critics.

Carolina Miranda is widely known for her performances in successful productions. In the Telemundo series «Señora Acero,» she captivated the audience with her portrayal of Vicenta Acero, also known as «La Coyote.» Her performance in this series established her as one of the most talented actresses of her generation.

Furthermore, Carolina Miranda made an indelible mark in the successful Netflix series «Who Killed Sara?» where she brought Elisa Lazcano to life. Her captivating and nuanced interpretation in this intriguing thriller caught the attention of viewers worldwide.

And that concludes all the information about «Fake Profile Netflix Cast»! We hope you enjoyed it.

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